The Belavi Facial Massage is an extremely relaxing hour of pampering. This facial massage improves the appearance of the face through the stimulation of the underlying layers of skin and soft tissue. It increases the circulation of blood, eliminates waste, strengthens the skin's immune system and increases cellular reproduction. The epidermal layers of skin are softened as the facial cleanses and deeply tones the subcutaneous layers.

Each time the facial massage is completed it improves the health of the skin. Facial Massage is a support system that helps make surface wrinkles less visible, slowing down the formation of new ones and keeping facial muscles from two of their enemies; gravity and time.

A great stress reducer, facial massage may be effective enough to coax tired, sagging muscles back into their youthful condition. Facial Massage has been regarded by some as more relaxing than a body massage, because the face holds more tension than other parts of the body. Our faces feel stress all day as we grimace, frown, furrow our brows, squint, and grit our teeth. Releasing muscular tension in the face can free tension in the whole body.

To achieve visibly good results the facial massage should be done 1-3 times a week for 12 weeks. But this is not for everyone. A facial massage monthly can do wonders for your face and stress level.

Whatever your commitment level may be, make the Belavi Facial Massage part of your personal health care program!

Belavi Facial Massage: $80 for 60 min.
This relaxing massage will help to firm and tone the muscles of the face. After cleansing, a full 30 minutes is devoted to massaging the face, neck and shoulders, then treated to a stimulating Honeylift Masque. The hands, feet, and scalp are massaged to complete the treatment.

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